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Wedding limousine: how to choose the right

A wedding is a very important step in the life of newlyweds. The preparation for a celebration is not an easy task, as each stage needs to be thought through to the smallest detail. The wedding procession is no exception:

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Some newlyweds prefer not to bother and take an ordinary car, but romantically minded brides will undoubtedly insist on the presence of a limousine. Wedding limo service impresses with its chic, spaciousness and beauty, so many brides do not imagine their celebration without wedding limo.


Once it was decided that the wedding procession couldn't be held without a wedding limo, it's time to start choosing the right wedding limo service. Here are several problems encountered in finding a proper wedding limo - choose the right model and color of the limo.


Classic colors of the limo are white or black, but if desired, in large cities you can find a golden, pink or painted limousine. It is necessary to take into account such a nuance as the limo capacity: if there are few guests, one spectacular limousine for 16-25 guests will be enough. If there are many guests, it is easiest to order a limousine and a roomy minibus. Recently, the retro-style limo has been popular, while inside they are equipped with all modern amenities - air conditioning, an audio system, a bar and other facilities of civilization. Wedding limo service can offer Cadillac, Lincoln, Hummer, Chrysler, Rolls Royce, and other models. They differ in different capacities and designs. Rolls Royce is representative and exclusive limo that can accommodate up to 10 people. Lincoln and Hummer can carry from 10 up to 25 guests.


One of the best limos in the service is Chrysler 300C limousines. Itcan accommodate ten passengers. It is advantages: solid appearance, spacious, comfortable lounge, excellent dynamics, and handling. All this makes it be one of the best variants for limo renting service. Rolls Royce and Chrysler 300C limousines have a minibar, DVD, neon lights and light music. They also offer comfortable corner sofa, thick double-glazed windows that absorb noise, vanity, and din of the outside world. Also, they have air conditioning and heating, bright lighting, and a large lounge to create a feeling of luxury and celebration.


Limo interior filling

Another indicator of the level of comfort is the material from which the seats are made. The leather interior of a wedding limo is much better than leatherette. In addition to this, you also need to think about the arrangement of the car. This includes a high-quality speaker system and TV. This is necessary so that during the breaks between photo shoots and walks, you can relax, enjoy beautiful music and, if you wish, watch videos in the rental limousine. Among other things, pay attention to the interior design of the wedding limo. This detail should not be overlooked, because the wrong atmosphere can spoil everyone's mood, and consequently, the wedding.


The price factor of wedding limo service

When choosing transport for a wedding procession, the price factor is not the most insignificant. It is worth remembering that the rental season is significantly affected by the time of the year at which the wedding and the day of the week will take place.


The difficulty of ordering a limousine service at the weekend

The most difficult thing is to rent a limo service on Friday and Saturday. Try to choose the wedding limo service for at least two months before the celebration.


Choose the best decorations for a wedding limo

After selecting the length, color, and interior of a limo, you can think about the decorations that adorn absolutely all cars related to the wedding. It is worth remembering that both the wedding limo and other wedding cars of guests should be decorated in the same style. Of course, the limo of the newlyweds will stand out with the largest bouquet or original ornament, but the color scheme will need to be preserved.


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