New York Luxury Limousines Service

Limo Service in Coney Island

No one will refuse to ride a luxurious limousine in Coney Island. However, there are situations when it is simply necessary to rent a limousine.


Our company is engaged in car rental for several years and can serve a limousine with the highest level of service. Our service has no pitfalls and transparent payment.


We offer to organize:

Bachelorette party/bachelor party in Coney Island. Indulge yourself and your friends with a luxury car, because today is one of the most memorable days in your life.

Wedding in Coney Island. Can a beautiful wedding take place without a chic limousine? We think no, and you?

Graduation party in Coney Island. Graduation party happens only once in a lifetime. Why do have to deny yourself at such moments?

Business trip in Coney Island. We organize business trips at the highest level.

Meeting at the airport. This service is for those clients who want to book a limousine at the airport.

Casino in Coney Island. For those clients who want to come to a casino or restaurant effectively and comfortably.


And, of course, we offer to rent limos for birthdays!

Our Fleet
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