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The tradition make a bachelorette party before the wedding originates from ancient times, when gatherings with girlfriends symbolized farewell to an unmarried life, girlhood. And nowadays happy brides have not forgotten this custom, and are happy to arrange a holiday for themselves and their friends shortly before the wedding.

On bachelorette party the future wife receives tips and gifts from her close and beloved girlfriends, and also this holiday allows you to have fun and relax well after the preparations for the wedding.

Rent a limousine and walk on it through the night city will make your bachelorette party unforgettable and fantastic. In the cabin of our car, you can easily organize the brightest, magical party, having asked the company in advance to come in thematic costumes, pick up your favorite music.

All limousines our company XL-LimoNYC always perfect and luxury in New York. We have a huge choice cars, different colors and types. Our limo fleet offers high-end, comfortable rides. Your personal driver will arrive on time, without the slightest delay, are always reliable, early, and will get you where you need to be.

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